High level overview of the PDP 2024 Programme

Wednesday March 20th

1st International Workshop on Security for Society Wednesday 20th March

PDP Short Papers - Wednesday March 20th

Thursday March 21st

PDP Main Track Thursday 21st March


Friday March 22nd

PDP Main Track Friday 22nd March

10th Special Session on High Performance Computing in Modelling and Simulation (HPCMS) Friday 22nd March

List of Accepted Papers

PDP 2024–Regular
  • “Benchmarking Parallelization Models through Karmarkar’s Interior-point method” by Marco Edoardo Santimaria, Samuele Fonio, Giulio Malenza, Iacopo Colonnelli and Marco Aldinucci.
  • “BTO, Block and Thread Optimization of GPU Kernels on Geophysical Exploration” by Brenda Schussler, Pedro Rigon, Arthur Lorenzon and Philippe Navaux.
  • “CAPSlog: Scalable Memory-Centric Partitioning for Pipeline Parallelism” by Henk Dreuning, Anna Badia Liokouras, Xiaowei Ouyang, Henri E. Bal and Rob V. van Nieuwpoort.
  • “CATER: A Policy-Based Data Placement Framework for Edge Storage” by Ahmed Khalid, Sean Ahearne, Hemant Mehta, Utz Roedig and Cormac Sreenan.
  • “Exploiting Elasticity via OS-runtime Cooperation to Improve CPU Utilization in Multicore Systems” by Javier Rubio, Carlos Bilbao, Juan Carlos Saez and Manuel Prieto-Matias.
  • “Extending the Legio Resilience Framework to Handle Critical Process Failures in MPI” by Roberto Rocco, Gianluca Palermo, Elisabetta Boella, Daniele Gregori and Luca Repetti.
  • “FlexRoute: A Fast, Flexible and Priority-Aware Packet-Processing Design” by Klajd Zyla, Marco Liess, Thomas Wild and Andreas Herkersdorf.
  • “Interleaved Execution of Approximated CUDA Kernels in Iterative Applications” by Gabriel Freytag, Paolo Rech and Philippe Navaux.
  • “LARA: Latency-Aware Resource Allocator for Stream Processing Applications” by Priscilla Benedetti, Giuseppe Coviello, Kunal Rao and Srimat Chakradhar.
  • “PPL: Structured Parallel Programming Meets Rust” by Valerio Besozzi.
  • “Predicting GPUDirect Benefits for HPC Workloads” by Harsh Khetawat, Nikhil Jain, Abhinav Bhatele and Frank Mueller.
  • “Scaling Expected Force: Efficient Identification of Key Nodes in Network-Based Epidemic Models” by Paolo Sylos Labini, Andrej Jurco, Matteo Ceccarello, Stefano Guarino, Enrico Mastrostefano and Flavio Vella.
  • “Smart Network Traffic Prediction for Scientific Applications” by Whit Schonbein, Tinotenda Matsika and Ryan Grant.
  • “Towards a Scalable Parallel Infomap Algorithm for Community Detection” by Gabriel G. Santos, Kartik Lakhotia and César A. F. De Rose.
  • “Towards an Autoscaling Service for Real-Time Online Interactive Applications on Clouds” by Sezar Jarrous-Holtrup, Jona Abdinghoff, Folker Schamel and Sergei Gorlatch.

PDP 2024–Short

  • “An Edge-to-Cloud System enabling Geospatial Machine Learning for Soil-Plant Moisture Classification” by Gabriele Penzotti, Natalia Teresa Mazzara, Tommaso Letterio, Michele Amoretti and Stefano Caselli.
  • “Assessing the Performance of Docker in Docker Containers for Microsservice-based Architectures” by Felipe Bedinotto Fava, Luiz Felipe Laviola Leite, Luís Fernando Alves da Silva, Pedro Ramires da Silva Amalfi Costa, Angelo Gaspar Diniz Nogueira, Amanda Fagundes Gobus Lopes, Claudio Schepke, Diego Luis Kreutz and Rodrigo Brandão Mansilha.
  • “Characterizing Power and Performance Interference Scalability in the 28-core ARM ThunderX2” by Ibai Calero, Salvador Petit, María E. Gómez and Julio Sahuquillo.
  • “Power Aware Scheduling of Tasks on FPGAs in Data Centers” by Rourab Paul and Marco Danelutto.

  • “An Innovative Control Approach for Cyber-Physical Transportation Systems: The Case of Monte-Carlo Workflow Computations” by Vladislav Kashansky.
  • “Enhancing Security in User-Centered Authentication using KERI” by Biagio Boi, Marco De Santis and Christian Esposito.
  • “Ensuring Cyber Resilience: A Thorough Guide to Securing Virtual Classrooms” by Madalina Zamfir, Monica Barbu, Ion Alexandru Marinescu, Dragos Iordache and Carmen Cirnu.
  • “Finding Lost People Using Mobile Networks” by Corina Marin, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu and Ciprian Dobre.
  • “NextEDR – Next generation agent-based EDR systems for cybersecurity threats” by Mocanu Bogdan, Razvan Stoleriu, Alexandra-Elena Mocanu, Catalin Negru, Elena-Gabriela Drăgotoiu, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu and Florin Pop.
  • “Ontology for Contextual Fake News Assessment based on Text and Images” by Chandrasekaran K, Kandasamy A, Venkatesan M, Prabhavathy P, Gokuldhev M and Aishwarya C.

  • “A Queueing System to Jobs Scheduling Problem in AGVs” by Karol Marszałek, Adam Domański, Rafał Cupek, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Andrzej Kwiecień.
  • “Benchmarking Federated Learning on High-Performance Computing: Aggregation Methods and Their Impact” by Daniela Annunziata, Marzia Canzaniello, Martina Savoia, Salvatore Cuomo and Francesco Piccialli.
  • “Generalized Ware-Amdhal Law” by Valeria Mele and Diego Romano.
  • “Improving Real-time Data Streams Performance on Autonomous Surface Vehicles using DataX” by Gennaro Mellone, Ciro Giuseppe De Vita, Giuseppe Coviello, Pietro P.C. Aucelli, Angelo Ciaramella and Raffaele Montella.
  • “On the Dynamics of Non-IID Data in Federated Learning and High-Performance Computing” by Daniela Annunziata, Marzia Canzaniello, Diletta Chiaro, Stefano Izzo, Martina Savoia and Francesco Piccialli.
  • “Towards Accelerating the Network Performance on DPUs by optimising the P4 runtime” by Dimosthenis Iliadis Apostolidis, Khalid Manaa, Matty Kadosh, Iacovos Ioannou, Vasos Vassiliou, Sokol Kosta and Juan Jose Vegas Olmos.


  • “A scalable Vertical Federated Learning framework for analytics in the cybersecurity domain” by Francesco Folino, Gianluigi Folino, Francesco S. Pisani, Pietro Sabatino and Luigi Pontieri.
  • “Cellular Automata on a Multi-GPU Architecture: A Technical Overview” by Andrea Giordano, Alessio De Rango, Donato D’Ambrosio, Marisa Gil, Davide Macri, Xavier Martorell, Rocco Rongo, Gladys Utrera, Giuseppe Mendicino and William Spataro.
  • “Efficient GPU processing method to analyze large GWAS data sets” by Giuseppe Agapito, Gaetano Guardasole and Mario Cannataro.
  • “Exploiting Julia for Parallel RBF-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction: A First Experience” by Pasquale De Luca, Ardelio Galletti, Livia Marcellino and Mario Pianese.
  • “High-resolution image generation with Repeat Refinement diffusion model” by Amanda Scoles, Giulia Sionis, Beatriz Otero and Gladys Utrera.
  • “Optimizing and Evaluating Pre-Trained Large Language Models for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection” by Filippo Casu, Enrico Grosso, Andrea Lagorio and Giuseppe A. Trunfio.
  • “Partitioned Reduction for Heterogeneous Environments” by Alessio De Rango, Gladys Utrera, Marisa Gil, Xavier Martorell, Andrea Giordano, Donato D’Ambrosio and Giuseppe Mendicino.
  • “The Environmental Cost of High Performance Computing System Simulation” by Elio Masciari and Enea Vincenzo Napolitano.
  • “Towards a Hierarchical Exascale Framework for Iterative Parallel Data Analysis Algorithms” by Eugenio Cesario and Paolo Lindia.

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